Function findTreasuryAccounts

  • Returns the Addresses of the Claim Stake Treasury Account and the bump


    • [Fuel Treasury Public Key, Arms Treasury Public Key, Food Treasury Public Key, Toolkit Treasury Public Key, bump]


    • programID: PublicKey

      Claim Stake Program ID

    Returns {
        armsTreasuryAccount: PublicKey;
        foodTreasuryAccount: PublicKey;
        fuelTreasuryAccount: PublicKey;
        toolkitTreasuryAccount: PublicKey;
        treasuryBump: number;

    • armsTreasuryAccount: PublicKey
    • foodTreasuryAccount: PublicKey
    • fuelTreasuryAccount: PublicKey
    • toolkitTreasuryAccount: PublicKey
    • treasuryBump: number

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